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Spray Foam on the Exterior of a Building


exterior spray foam application

Coastal was contracted by Twining Construction to insulate a training facility in Croydon, PA. Spray Foam Engineers installed closed cell foam onto a cinderblock surface around the perimeter of the building to improve thermal performance and create a moisture barrier.

What are the reasons for applying spray foam insulation to the exterior of a structure?

Air leaking into and out of a building significantly degrades thermal performance. Spray polyurethane foam works against air leakage by providing a seamless, full adhered, monolithic air barrier that conforms to irregular shapes and slopes, and allows easy detailing around penetrations.

Spray foam air barriers contribute to improving building durability, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort, health, and safety.

Check out the video about this job at our YouTube page, along with our other videos that can help answer any of your questions about what spray foam can do.

If you have an upcoming project, and would like more information, let the Innovative Insulation Specialists at Coastal put together a customized project plan for you! Contact us here or give us a call at (800) 535-0028.


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