Spray Foam And Metal Buildings: A Perfect Fit

Spray foam insulation can help metal buildings last longer, but how?
Metal roofs and buildings have plenty of benefits, but they also come with their own set of challenges. Corrosion and condensation issues can lead to a shorter life for many metal structures, and replacing affected panels is expensive.

Fortunately, you can extend the life of your metal structures simply by using spray foam insulation. It features several properties that work to solve many of the problems that affect metal, avoiding the need for costly retrofitting.

Here are three quick ways spray foam insulation helps:

  1. Spray foam reduces condensation.
    Condensation is a metal building’s number one enemy. It’s a fast track to corrosion and rust, so you want to avoid it at all costs. Any insulation will stop condensation, but insulation is only as good as its coverage in your building. Tight angles, irregular surfaces, and other hard-to-reach places will corrode quickly if they’re not touched by insulation.

    This is where closed-cell spray foam really shines -- seconds after being sprayed, it expands by 30-40 times its original volume. As it grows, it flows into those areas that would be very difficult to cover with traditional fiberglass insulation, keeping them safe from condensation.

  2. Spray foam boosts resistance to severe weather.
    While metal roofs may seem like they’re equipped to stand up to bad weather, they do have one weakness: high winds. If your roof assembly has even one weak spot, from a loose fastener to a poor weld, wind will eventually find it and cause it to give. After that happens, the rest of the metal panel is at risk of peeling back.

    None of the above should happen if you use spray foam insulation. By sticking to every surface it touches, the foam acts as an adhesive, providing an effective barrier against wind and weak spots, as well as increased stability and protection for your entire metal structure. In fact, many spray foam manufacturers offer an unlimited wind warranty, giving you absolute peace of mind that no matter how high the wind speeds, your roof is safe from blow-off.

  3. Spray foam saves more energy.
    As temperatures change, metal naturally expands and contracts. Over time, this can lead to serious separation issues in your metal structure -- fasteners pulling out, welds breaking, and an overall loss of structural integrity. This separation promotes serious energy loss. 

    Using spray foam insulation helps to keep the temperature of the metal itself more consistent, resulting in an effective seal without seams and gaps. Spray foam boosts your structure’s resistance to heat flow, controls air movement, and limits moisture migration. In turn, you’ll see lower heating/cooling costs -- up to a 50% reduction compared to traditional fiberglass insulation.

While there are still places where you may want to consider fiberglass insulation, it no longer makes sense for metal buildings. Use spray foam, and you’ll give the building a much longer life.

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