Fiberglass Insulation

describe the imageWool-type fiber glass is most commonly used as insulation in all types of buildings, from homes to commercial to industrial. Its unique properties make it work well for controlling temperature and sound.
  • Utilizes tiny pockets of air to effectively resist the flow of heat and cold
  • Comes in widths suited to standard spacing of wall studs, attic joists, and floor joists
  • Available with facings, which add additional protection from vapor, unwanted air flow, and fire

Blown-In Insulation
Blown-in (a form of loose fill) insulation is named for the installation process, which involves using a high-pressure blowing machine and a hose to distribute the insulation into the building. Our blown-in insulation is made of fiberglass, giving it advantages over other loose fill insulation materials.

  • Works well for hard-to-reach places
  • Fire-retardant without the use of corrosive chemicals
  • Resistant to moisture and mold growth, and is not a food source for rodents and insects

Any fire in your building is dangerous, but you can help stop it from being completely devastating. With new technology and installation techniques, it’s possible to make it very difficult for a fire to spread, and even stop it completely. To do this in your building, we use the safest products from Hilti® and Specified Technologies, Inc.

  • Utilize tried-and-tested design and installation methods that are proven to work in actual fires, not just lab simulations
  • Seal penetrations and construction joints to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases

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