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Air sealing project New Egypt NJ project

Always air seal beofre you insulate your home... who wants their attic connected to their bedroom? NOT US!

Before and after air sealing pictures in Skillman NJ

We always try to stories with our photographs to help teach what we do, to show you, someone who doesnt do what we do, how or why we do it. Here is a great example that is very relatable as far as seeing it from the living space. In this before and after you will find a bathroom fan from the attic view. Here is how we air seal this area! 

***This is a great example of the bathfan. We were not contracted to replace the venting or improve it. However we would like to point out that this fan is vented poorly. You should always use smooth bore pipe (4 inch metal duct work), with a 1/4 inch per rise or greater (NJ code), sealed with duct mastic, and insulated with a minimum of R-8 insulation.***

Lakehurst before and after air sealing and blown in insulation project

We like to say it often... air seal before you insulate your attic space. Do not forget to add an Energy Guardian Door cover kit to insulate and air seal your attic access area! 

Before and after air sealing in Kingston NJ

Air sealing is a must! Do not insulate without air sealing!! If a contractor tells you it is not needed run! This helps save you money, adds to your comfort, and keeps bugs away!!

Residential Insulation in Hillsborough, NJ

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