Coastal Spray Foam Services

spray foam videoSpray foam insulation is our specialty. Since our engineers manufacture and install our product, you get a team who fully understands your new insulation.

  • Expands to get into every single void in your building, combining sealing and insulating into one simple step
  • Maintains its durable consistency over time without sagging or settling, so you get the same energy savings year in and year out
  • Provides a complete air seal for maximum energy efficiency
  • Resistant to moisture and mold growth, and is not a food source for rodents and insects

Trying to decide between spray foam and traditional fiberglass insulation?
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Air Sealing

Before we do any insulating, we’ll take all the steps necessary to make sure the area we’re about to treat is properly prepared. This is more than just covering things up with plastic - it’s a comprehensive process that always includes these steps:

  • Poly all mechanicals, doors, windows, and any finished surfaces
  • Fire foam or fire caulk all penetrations
  • Foam windows and doors
  • Caulk all sills, t-walls, corners, double- and triple-studs, windows, and door headers

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