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Coastal Insulation Before & After Photos

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Wall Insulation in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Here you can see baffles being installed. Not only are they for attics, never let insulation touch your roof deck, it promotes rot, stops air flow (that is supposed to happen), and is very unprofessional. In the old days, and even now some contractors like to short cut budgets (or not add baffles to lower the total price), by leaving a gap between the fiberglass and the roof deck! NO, NO, no… there is air flow going up the roof deck, it is supposed to be… with this gap, air flows into your fiberglass batts, and reduces the R-Value!!  

Coastal Insulation Insulates Spring Lake Heights NJ

 We are known for foam, but we do more fiberglass than any other contractor in NJ! Contact Coastal Insulation for all your insulation contractor needs! 

Cellulose Attic Insulation in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

This home in Point Pleasant Beach was experiencing uneven temperatures throughout the home. We decided to evaluate the attic and discovered old, worn fiberglass insulation.  Insulation without a high R-value is almost like not having insulation at all! Air leaks through the cracks in the attic, and so does money.
We recommended our Tru-Soft cellulose insulation. We cleaned out the debris in the attic and got to work. Luckily cellulose insulation can be blown in on top of the already existing insulation, it has a high R-value, and fills in all of the gaps of the attic nicely. 
Now these homeowners are spending less on their energy bills!

Rose Glen Park, NJ New Townhouses Receive Fiberglass Batts

New and old homes need proper fiberglass installation techniques. From the way they are installed around wires, junction boxes, plumbing pipes and more… there are certain tricks to the trade to make your insulation much more effective. Air sealing the substrate and any wire or plumbing penetrations are vital to having a successful building system!

Spray Foam Insulation in West New York, NJ

 Things happen throughout a building’s lifetime. Construction, new wires, upgrades of all sorts. This building has gone through a major reconstruction effort. It is begining to look very swank!! The old foam held up pretty good as well. 
Coastal Insulation was on site, making repairs and adding spray foam to areas it was not before!!!

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