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Insulation Solutions from Coastal Insulation

No matter what type of project you need insulated, you have important priorities that don’t change: getting your insulation done on time, on budget, and with quality that will last. It’s easy to promise these things, but Coastal Insulation actually follows through, with specific solutions for every part of your job that’s important to you.

Project Preview

In your Project Preview meeting, we’ll get to know each other and make sure Coastal Insulation is a good match for your project. We’ll talk about your business needs and which products and services are just right for you.

We firmly believe that the best work is done only after proper planning, and that’s why we want to meet with you before we give you any recommendations or estimates. Doing things the right way up front lets us make sure you’re getting the right advice, and it eliminates headaches down the road from a misunderstanding.

Did you know that when working with new construction, the best time to insulate under the roof deck is before the mechanicals are installed? More and more township inspectors are becoming aware that install at this point is critical for ensuring a top quality job. The township will perform a partial framing inspection of the roof structure once the roof is water tight. This enables us to get some of those hard-to-reach places that are virtually blocked off as a result of ductwork and mechanical equipment.

MaxPrice Guarantee

After we’ve met with you at the Project Preview session, we’ll draw up a contract for the work you need, priced out based on your project details. That price represents the most you’ll pay us, unless your specifications or scopes change.

You should never have to argue with a contractor about a price that got higher without your input. With MaxPrice Guarantee, you won’t.

Appointment Alerts

You don’t have to worry about keeping track of your appointment with Coastal Insulation — let us worry about it. We’ll send you a text, an email, or a phone call (whatever your preference is) to remind you when we’re coming.

Spray Foam Engineers

Combine a chemist and an insulation applicator, and you get a Spray Foam Engineer — someone who knows spray foam insulation so well that they’re able to manufacture it and expertly apply it. Our Spray Foam Engineers are thoroughly trained in every aspect of SealRite Spray Foam™, a product they work with every day.

Insulation Specialists work together with our Spray Foam Engineers to give you professional advice about what kind of product and installation is best for your job. The increased performance of your building or special project will tell you that you made the best choice with the most experienced contractor.

Checkpoint-23 Guarantee

The insulation that goes into your project has met our rigid mixing standards in 23 separate categories, including measurements for proper thickness, color and safety of equipment. We won’t use any insulation that fails even one of these important checkpoints.

We also test the foam cell structure and verify the safety of the application tools before we proceed — everything from substrate temperature to general building conditions gets checked to make sure it’s ready to receive insulation. If anything’s not right, we’ll work with you to correct it.

Deadline Promise

Before we begin any work for you, we ask you an important question: when do you want this completed? Then, based on your answer, we work backward to create project milestones and a reverse timeline. That allows us to finish your project on time — sometimes even ahead of schedule.

This is a process that we’ve developed through years of working with companies like yours, and we know it’s one that works. That’s why we can offer you the Deadline Promise: a guarantee that your project will meet your deadline.

Double-Check Program

Just to make sure that everything is still going well with your new insulation, your Insulation Specialist will check in with you 90 days after your installation is complete. We’ll confirm that you’re still happy with our work, and that you’re enjoying the benefits of your new insulation.

When we check in, you can let us know if you have any questions or want input on upcoming or current projects.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.