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Coastal Achieves Accreditation with Building Performance Institute (BPI)

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December 31st, 2009

East Windsor, NJ - April 2, 2012 - Coastal is proud to announce its accreditation with the Building Performance Institure (BPI.) This prestigious accreditation recognizes contractors who strive for excellence in building evaluation, diagnostics, and installation. In order for a company to become BPI accredited, at least one employee has to pass two 100-question written exams and field tests, the first being Building Analyst, which addresses the funadmentals of building science, and the other one in a specialty area. Coastal's Vice President John Achille stepped up to the plate, and elected for the building envelope specialization.

BPI sets the guidelines for residential development and energy efficiency retrofit work, consistently raising the bar for the industry. Only exemplary contractors with commitment to the highest standards can achieve accreditation. The available specializations include: building analyst, envelope, heating, air conditioning and heat pump, and multifamily. John's choice of envelope is one that will benefit our customers the most: learning about shells from the building science point-of-view adds to and reinforces Coastal's ability to rectify problematic building envelopes with spray foam.

"This accreditation proves what our customers already know - we are the people who know insulation best, from every angle," said John. "Keeping up with advances in building science is just another way to make sure we are providing our customers with the newest and best information the industry can offer."