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Clinton Avenue Del-Sano - Spray Foam Insulation

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June 28th, 2013

HELP USA, a non-profit that allows homeless citizens to get back on their feet, opened a new apartment complex in Newark, N.J. The Newark Clinton Avenue Homes is a midrise complex that provides affordable housing for low-income families and disabled veterans. The Clinton Avenue Homes complex contains 56 units, a fitness center, and meeting space. The building is located in Newark’s South Ward, and is part of a major revitalization project going on in the city. Rent ranges anywhere from about $660 to just over $900 a month.

The building also features many green friendly amenities, which allows the building to receive LEED certification. Those amenities include a green roof with vegetable garden, low flow plumbing, and Energy Star appliances. Many of these features allow for lower energy bills, and reduced output, thus saving money, and the environment!

The inside, as you may expect, also features green materials, including Coastal spray foam insulation, specifically closed cell insulation. Coastal worked with Del-Sano Contracting Corporation on the project; the insulation was sprayed throughout the walls and ceilings of the apartments, and then expanded to fill the space. Closed cell spray foam acts as a barrier against air and water vapors.  It also helps add to the structural strength of the building.

Unlike traditional forms of insulation, Coastal's application of spray foam insulation does not lose its shape over time, and fills in any cracks or unique designs in the building frame. In addition, it prevents air from escaping the apartments, keeps moisture from entering, and stops any rodents or insects from slipping through even the tiniest holes. As a result residents get the chance to live comfortably for a reasonable rate, and get a fresh start on their lives.

If you are in the construction industry, or are in the process of building a new home or commercial project, contact Coastal today to find out how we can help your new home or business the way we did for Newark Clinton Avenue Homes! Our spray foam insulation easily fits into any design, and can help you save time and money.