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Specialty Spray Foam Application - government construction

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May 28th, 2013

American Water, Iron Removal Water Treatment Facility

Over the years, New York American Water has built six iron removal treatment plants in Nassau County, and they are in the process of building a seventh facility. The new $7.5 million 4 MGD (million gallons per day) iron removal treatment facility is located in northwest Lynbrook (Long Island) and will be in service Summer 2013.

Coastal Insulation Spray Foam Application:

Below is a particularly complicated and delicate closed cell spray foam application at a water treatment facility which removes iron from the water.

American Water Iron Removal Plant Sign Long Island - Coastal Insulation

The drinking water source for Long Island is entirely groundwater. Iron is a naturally present mineral in the groundwater aquifers that they utilize.

 Coastal Insulation Spray Foam Rig - Lynbrook Long Island

As you can see below, careful and meticulous care was taken in protecting the piping and other mechanicals that were installed in the facility prior to Coastal Insulation's spray foam crew beginning the job.

2013 05 16 11.36.57

Architect called for a vented roof deck, so we utilized Accu-Block and Accu-Block extensions to maintain air flow between the foam and the roof deck as you can see below (info here:

2013 05 16 11.36.26

Following the Accu-Vent install was the application of R30 Closed Cell Icynene spray foam.

2013 05 16 11.38.19

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