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I Can Use Insulation for Non-Thermal Purposes? No Way!

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September 27th, 2011

Five Ways to Use Insulation in Non-Thermal Application

Spray foam insulation is for more than just keeping warm and lowering energy bills. Due to its versatility, many different industries are benefitting from its non-thermal uses.

spray foam non-thermal application

  1. Provides added benefit of non-thermal sealing, as seen on our Rider University project
  2. Acts as a vapor barrier for document and record protection, as seen in our work on the Westchester Archive and Record Center
  3. Protects your structure from water damage and federal flood zone, as in this residential project
  4. Covers old coatings to help keep debris out of air filtration systems, as in this job for Paetec Holding Corp
  5. Adds building strength to your structure, making it less vulnerable to storm winds, as in this job with Stalco Construction

Surprised? Spray foam insulation is extraordinarily versatile and has much more to offer than traditional forms of insulation. Even if you are currently shopping for insulation for the regular old reason, you now know that spray foam offers much more.

Need to consult? Let one of our Innovative Insulation Specialists design a custom project plan that's right for you.