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How to Choose a Spray Foam Contractor

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May 24th, 2011

Because spray foam has a highly complex installation process, picking the right contractor can be a daunting experience. Luckily, there are a few things that you can research on your own that can help you narrow your choices.

spray foam contractor

1. Experience: Pick a contractor that has been in business for a respectable number of years. Coastal's 36 years in insulation give us the experience needed to understand your job thoroughly, allowing us to provide you with our MaxPrice Guarantee - a quote that is guaranteed unless your specifications change.

2. Trained, certified installers: If an insulation contractor has their installers trained directly by the manufacturer to install their product, then you can be willing to bet that they have the support of the manufacturer during all phases of an installation. Coastal's Spray Foam Engineers are thoroughly trained by the manufacturer, and also undergo monthly in-house training, so they are knowledgeable in every aspect, from manufacture to install.

3. Planning ahead: Make sure the contractor you pick makes your job a priority. Do they walk through and get to know your project before making recommendations? Through Project Preview, Coastal's Insulation Specialists will meet with you before your project starts to talk about which products and services are right for you.

4. Quality assurance: Pick a contractor that will make sure your job will get done on time, on budget, and with quality that will last. Coastal's Quality Assurance Team employs a Checkpoint 23 Guarantee to ensure the insulation that goes into your project has met 23 important standards, making sure that the product installed in your project is perfect every time.

Having the right people provide and install your insulation can make a difference in your project for decades to come. We'll make sure you start things off right. Contact us to get started with your custom project plan.