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Spotlight: Non-thermal Spray Foam Application

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March 29th, 2011

No matter what type of project you need insulated, you have important priorities that don't change: getting your insulation done on time, on budget, and with quality that will last. It's easy to promise these things, but Coastal actually follows through, with specific solutions for every part of your job that's important to you.

Spray foam, Specialty application

Coastal was contracted by Paetec Holding Corp to insulate the ceiling of a data storage center in Andover, MA. The servers that were housed in the center draw in air through filters in order to cool themselves down. These filters were being replaced every two weeks because of the amount of debris that was in the air - fire coating covering the ceiling's steel beams was flaking off.

Our Spray Foam Engineers installed 3' of open cell spray foam over the fire coating on the ceiling's beams. The debris was substantially reduced, prolonging the life of ever server's filter and increasing the overall quality of building's air.

If you're facing a problem that needs a solution from the people that know insulation best, contact Coastal.

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