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Photo Album: Insulation for Data Storage Center in Andover, MA

Project: Paetec Holding Corp.Coastal was commissioned by Paetec Holding Corp. to insulate the ceiling of a 24,000 sq. ft. data storage center in Andover, MA. The servers that are housed in the center draw in air through filters in order to cool themselves down. The filters were being replaced every two weeks because of the amount of debris that was in the air from the fire coating covering the ceiling’s steel beams. By utilizing open cell foam on those steel beams, the amount of debris was substantially reduced, prolonging the life of each filter.

Open Cell Foam Insulation in Andover, MA

We applied open cell foam insulation to the steel beams of this data storage center’s ceiling.

Andover, MA Specialty Project: Storage Data Center Insulation

Our spray foam insulation reduced the amount of fire coating debris that was falling into the air filters at this storage data center.

Storage Data Center in Andover, MA – Thermal Insulation

We provide thermal insulation for specialty projects as well as commercial and residential insulation jobs throughout MA.

Outside View – Insulation Job in Andover, MA

An outside view of the data storage center in Andover, MA where we installed high-quality spray foam insulation.