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Photo Album: East Windsor, NJ Closed Cell Spray Foam

This storage area will now be protected from moisture, heat, freezing, rodents, and insects! The benefits of closed cell spray foam, are really unlimited. Wood framing will be stronger, sealed, and weather proof! We used Lapolla Closed Cell Spray Foam 4g here.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Protect your conditioned space from the elements! No other insulation material preforms as good as closed cell spray foam. Say hello to our installer!

Closed Cell Spray Foam Install Process

While we install the closed cell spray foam, the second man on the crew scrapes it off while its still curing. This removes the harsh process of grinding, razor scraping, or oiling. This process is much more friendly to your walls, and your drywall installer will rave about the install afterwards.

Installing closed cell spray foam is hard work

It seals better than any material, but there are lots of steps to installing this product. The key feature with closed cell spray foam is: It will last the lifetime of the structure!

Orange Peel Closed Cell Spray Foam

Orange peel is an industry term. When you have installed the spray foam perfectly, it will look like the texture of an orange peel. This is not easy to do, and often the install all not give the ideal setting to install an orange peel job.