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Photo Album: New Milford, CT Home Fiberglass Batts Installation

 This New Milford home had air sealing, and fiberglass batt installation to the walls and attic areas. We can travel far and wide to make sure you have your done properly! Always remember to air seal when insulating your walls, attic, and crawls!! If you are going to insulate make no mistake, it needs to be air sealed!

Exterior Walls Air Sealed and Insulated with Fiberglass Batts

Always remember to stop the air infiltration and exfiltration by air sealing your wall assembly before insulating! This is an example of what Kraft faced fiberglass batts are.

New Milford Home Fiberglass Batts Installed in Attic

No matter where you need it we can insulate it. Insulating an attic is not only throwing in fiberglass batts, you MUST install baffle vents, this allows air flow up the attic deck, and keeps the fiberglass from touching the roof deck.