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Photo Album: Coastal Insulates Another Brick, NJ Home

We are known in Brick for our quality and professionalism. We install all types of fiberglass batts as you will see in this photo album. Kraft faced batts have a brown paper vapor barrier on them. Foil faced (recommended if you are going to keep it exposed in a knee wall attic as shown) fiberglass batts, there is a reflective property to the foil faced fiberglass batts as well! The focus of your insulation project should be spent on R-Value and air movement, the reflective is only a perk that lasts as long as the batt can reflect (think of a mirror, the reflection is good when it is clean, same applies to foil).

Kraft faced Fiberglass Batts Installed in Brick, NJ

This install looks great! The crew, air sealed all plumbing and wire penetrations, any infiltration/exfiltration areas (unconditioned air is infiltration, and conditioned air is exfiltration). Once we make sure the home is completely sealed from exterior areas (attics, crawl spaces, and of course the outdoors) we installed Kraft faced fiberglass batts. This home ran the thermal barrier (insulation) up the roof deck to make cathedral ceilings and conditioned knee wall attic spaces!

Foil Faced Fiberglass Meets Kraft Faced Fiberglass

OK, so you do not have a PHD in insulation or all things fiberglass…. lucky for you we do!! The area where you see brown (Kraft Faced) will be covered by (most likely) drywall. The area where you shiny silver (Foil Faced) will not be covered and is a “knee wall” attic space. One can be left uncovered and has better vapor retardation and the other must be covered (paper) due to no fire rating.

Knee Wall Attic is Considered Conditioned Space with this Layout

It is always better to run your insulation up the roof deck if properly done. First you need to know where your thermal barrier (insulation) begins and ends, do you have exposed soffits in this area? If so air seal it, draft block it, and insulate it (if not all the insulation on the roof deck is for nothing). Than you need to run baffle vents up the entire roof deck (where insulation is installed), than you insulate it.
This can be done with batt insulation, board insulation, and our most popular material spray foam insulation.