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Photo Album: Fiberglass Insulation in Staten Island, NY Home

This Staten Island home is now protected against the elements using air sealing and fiberglass insulation.

Staten Island NY Fiberglass Insulation Install

Every home deserves a professional installation. Always ask your contractor if they offer air sealing with their insulation packages. If they do not, look for a qualified installer.

Cathedral Ceilings Need Baffle Vents

Before your contractor install batts on your cathedral ceiling make sure they plan to install baffle vents along the entire area (unless you are using spray foam insulation). Baffles allow air flow across your roof deck, it is important for your roof deck, and shingles.

Air Seal than Insulate!

This wall was air sealed using one part spray foam in a can. Once we know the envelope is tight, we install our fiberglass batts.