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Photo Album: Swedesboro, NJ Blown Fiberglass Project

The Project Breakdown: Air seal all top plates, plumbing and electrical penetrations, any chases, drop soffits or voids. Dam any heat producing devices, such as: Bath Fans, recessed lights, chandelier winches, HVAC flue pipes, and chimneys.  Dam off storage area and attic pull down ladder Install baffle vents Install proper vent pipes for bathroom fans (hard pipe, sealed with mastic, and wrapped with R-8 Install R-42 blown fiberglass insulation Install an Energy Guardian Door cover kit This is all covered in NJ Home Performance with Energy Star program, we are an approved contractor in this program, we offer rebates, and 0 percent financing! 

Baffle Venting and Blown Fiberglass

Smooooooth is how are guys do it. This is typical of our Coastal field guys.. This is a craft, not easy to do. Anyone can blow in, but blowing it in level and quickly is learned over time!

Make sure your coverage is uniform!

Sure there can be some humps and dips… not that we do it the way… but it can happen. make sure you have an even thermal boundary!

Air Seal than Insulate!

This is air sealing. With training, this can be done very accurately. This is done using one part spray foam. These top plates are sealed for life, and already saving this homeowner money!

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