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Photo Album: Coastal Insulation Inside Look of our Offices and Warehousing!!!!

Ever wonder who you are dealing with? In our meet the team page on this website, you can see who is who. In this photo album we would like you to see where we work, and after seeing, you will realize there will never be a shortage in materials!!! We take pride in our offices and warehousing, please enjoy!

Aerial View of Coastal Insulation!

John Achille (Vice President) is our local shutterbug. Today he he fired up the drone, and grabbed this awesome photo of our Main office in East Windsor NJ!!

Welcome to Coastal Insulation!

Pulling into our lot, you see right away you are working with the pros!

Coastal Insulation Conference Room View One

Aquarium style offices and conference rooms. Here is one view with one set of lights!

Coastal Insulation Conference Room View Two

Another look at the aquarium style conference room, with a softer light. We have different light packages for different toned meetings!

All our offices have a view!

Even if you are not a corner office, you still can see your coworkers walking about! Aquarium style offices on all levels.

The Production Pit

Here it is, this is where the gears grind and turn. The production pit. This is the space that keeps the company going.

The Pit

Here you can see John Herring the production manager giving us a wave. Always in a good mood to the point it infects all those around him. This is one of the toughest areas to work in, but everyone in the production pit is laughing and working all day long!

The Pit with a View

Here you see Mike Kit, scheduling, coordinating and making sure the wheels of progress never stop!!

Take offs and blue prints

Here you see George working his tail off as always. The benefit to using Coastal Insulation is we print our blue prints. This is crucial, we do not pass off extra charges to our clients, and we can print as soon as you send us the files of your project!!

Sales Office

Our furniture was designed to hold prints. Our account managers are often in satilite offices, but when they are here, they have their own area to work in. They can use their Macbook’s, or the iMac that is in this area.

Sales Office

Could not resist taking the photo of this account manager working hard in the sales office.

Global plans

Here you can see the goals… insulate every home possible on this map. We have a long way to go, but never set your goals low! Aspire to the biggest and the best!!

Accounting Department

Here is where our accounting department makes it all happen! We did not want to disturb the team so we took a long shot 😉

Coastal Insulation’s Training Area

We have great meetings, webinars, and trainings in this room! Enough to seat a large crowd!

Cafeteria Area

This is one of two areas employees can store their food and eat!

Area that leads to upper deck resume area

This leads to the upper deck area where candidates fill out applications. There is also another area for future use, and heavy bags beyond that door!

Heavy lunch? Take a run!

We have a work out area, and wooded walking trails at our location! Those kettle balls aren’t going to move themselves!

Chris caught gazing into the serene wooded areas around Coastal’s office

Chris often feels complete once he has his coffee and his daily look into the woods! It brings him peace and we are all about empowering each individual in their own way here at Coastal Insulation!

Heavy bag area

No need to bottle of emotions here at Coastal! Let those emotions flow into the heavy bags!

Toss a tire, throw a dummy!

Whatever you like to do to get a little excersize in, we have it, or will have it!

We are proud of our offices!

This executive office also has a meeting area.

There are many areas to relax!

Need to speak to an executive? Have a seat, no need to run all over the building!!

John Achille hard at work

Aquarium offices allow for true to life photos! John is always at it!!!

One of Coastal Insulation Picnic Areas

Nice day outside? Want to decompress and eat outside with the birds chirping and a nice breeze? here is one of our spots you can do this at. In those woods beyond we have a very nice walking trail for nature lovers and those who want to burn calories after a meal!

Our warehouse has enough shipping and receiving doors to keep the flow going!

In and out all day and night. We unload all day, and load our field guys all night!

Quality Control

Quality control is very important. We take it seriously! Our jobs pass, and are finished on time!

Spray foam repair and maintenance area

This bench doesn’t stay clear for long! We make sure our equipment is maintained and running to complete your job on time and perfect!!

Spray Foam Maintenance

Henry is hard at work. He ensures his guys have the best equipment each and everyday. Caught him maintaining a spray foam gun!

Single Unit Spray foam Rig

We have single unit and double unit rigs. Depending on the size of the job, we make sure it is done quick and on time!

Coastal Insulation’s Warehouse Area

We cover such a large footprint, we need to make sure we have all the material needed to finish the job on time and started the day we said it would be!

This is Coastal Insulation’s Warehouse area

Members of our team have stated during their interview “this looks like my old distributors warehouse!! Wow!!”

Birds Eye View

This is the view of our warehouse from our training room! Many trainees have been in awe of this site!

We have stacks and stacks of fiberglass batts!

Do it right the first time! We keep a good amount of stock, which rotates daily to make sure all of customer’s needs are met and satisfied!

Materials are always on hand

Most contractors do not put an emphasis on material storage. What happens if a Coastal crew is short? We send out one of our delivery drivers with more stock!!

Keep the materials moving and keep the customers happy!

Our clients never go short on materials, we make sure there is always enough to finish the job!

From the moment you walk in our doors, you feel the greatness!

Walls, tiles and furniture arent what gives off the greatness here at Coastal… it is our team of people from all over NJ, PA, and NY. We bring in the best candidates, and it helps us build the best Insulation company in the North east region!!!

Shatter the glass ceiling, we are going all the way up!

The sky is the limit for our empowered employees! No limits, no roadblocks. Many of our people today are grown from within the business. The only way to live on top of the hill is to climb it!!

From the moment you walk through those doors

Either to become a member of our team, or as a client. You can feel the greatness running through the building!

Coastal Pride

Our company pride starts with the founder, and ends with our diverse candidates!

Coastal Insulation Entry View

From the front to the back, this is where it is at!

“Its a GREAT day at Coastal, I can help you!”

You are greeted by happy employees, who genuinely want to help you, and make your day as great as theirs!

Second Story View of the Coastal Office Entry

We have enough spots for our new candidates to fill out applications!

Second story candidate area

Either for filling out paper work or taking tests for certifications, we have enough room for everyone to be comfortable. Often you can find an employee working on their laptop taking in the sun and wooded areas in their view!

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