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Photo Album: Company Picnic 2017

Coastal knows without all of our people from head to toe, we would not be the great company we are today. Every year Coastal has a company picnic to celebrate our employees! Here are a few photos of our last picnic!

Rock Climbing

2017 Coastal Insulation company picnic had it all, here you can see some rock climbing being done!!!

Hello!! Paddle Boats 2017

No picnic or event for that matter is complete without a paddle boat adventure! The paddle boats were very popular this year!!

More Paddle Boat Adventures!

Family, close friends, and employees of Coastal Insulation all had a blast this year!!

NJ at it’s BEST!

We have our company picnic at the best place! Here you can see a small portion of what our staff gets to take in and enjoy!

Coastal Company Picnic 2017 Food Tent

No matter what your palate likes, Coastal makes sure you are covered! Many fantastic things to enjoy and eat, from Parents to Kids!

Plenty of places to eat!!

This photo was taken earlier on, after everything was in full swing, all you would’ve saw is happy faces eating!!!

More Photos of the food tent!!

Everyone had such a great time this year! Events like this, makes the whole team come together and smile!

Blue skies, and full bellies!

No one walked away hungry!!

Only thing missing is the red carpet!

Just like we do with our clients, we do for our staff, above and beyond!!!

Pony Rides!!!

There really is something for everyone! The Coastal Kids loved the pony rides!!!

Cotton Candy Machines!

After the BBQ was ate, the kids got to enjoy cotton candy, ice cream, and popsicles!!

The prefect day

As you can see this is the type of day you remember for years, clear, blue, full of children smiling and having fun!

More rock climbing!!

The Coastal kids really attacked that wall!!!!

To infinity and beyond!!!

For little guys these Coastal Insulation kids sure did a great job of making it to the top… just like their parents (or Grandparents)!!!!

Smiling faces Coastal Company Picnic 2017

Thumbs up! Smiling faces were everywhere during our annual event!

Couples also enjoyed paddle boating around the lake!

Parents and kids, Grandparents and kids, and couple all made good use of the paddle boats!!

Awesome lake!

This little guy was ready to jump into that cool crisp water on this hot summer day! Don’t mess up that mohawk kid!!

Father and son bonding

Coastal is a family, we promote family. Times like this are irreplaceable.

Mother daughter bonding

Mothers and daughters making memories, we here at Coastal are proud to be part of these memories for all of our employees and their families!

Lost or found?

This young man, is looking for GPS directions to golf driving range, mini golf, swimming pool, or pony rides? Take easy sir, we are here for the day!!

Stunning views!

Many of our staff were found relaxing in the shade, truly enjoying themselves and their families!

Road to fun!

No matter which road you took, it lead to fun! The Coastal 2017 company picnic was a blast for all who attended!!