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Photo Album: Evesham Township NJ Blown Cellulose Project

After air sealing and installing baffle vents. Our crew installed R-42 of blown cellulose! This is one of the best products to blow over existing fiberglass batts. Cellulose gets in all of the voids, nooks and crannies! 

Cellulose is the best retrofit option to use over existing batts

The voids, gaps, and raised batts are all filled, and leveled when using this fine, dense material. Studies show, cellulose preforms even better at lower temperatures than other materials on the market!

Some attics are harder than others!

The team told managers, this one was a tough one! Even though it was tough, the crew still made the cellulose insulation look level and uniform!!

Before our team cleaned it up!

Messy, and ignored. After a nice fresh coat of (R-32) of cellulose insulation this attic now preforms much better!

Before cellulose insulation was added to the area.

This insulation was underperforming, no air sealing underneath, gaps, voids, compression… all of the things that happen over time. Now the attic is air sealed and topped of with R-32 (additional insulation) of blown cellulose!!!!

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