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Photo Album: Lawrence Township Blown In Fiberglass and Air Seal

Air seal before you insulate   Do not insulate without air sealing   Anyone who tells you different, does not know building science very well!!! Always air seal before you insulate!!!! 

Air sealing in Lawrence Township NJ

Disconnect your attic from your home!

Attic is outside, Home is inside

Why have them connected? Disconnect your home from the exterior of your attic!

Keep bugs out!

Annnnd save money in the process, air sealing is very important to the health of your home and those inside of it!!

Blown in fiberglass in Lawrence Township NJ

We covered up all that pretty air sealing! R-52 Fiberglass

looks like snow, but doesn’t melt!

This will last much longer than snow! This house is sealed, and now has a perfect blanket of fiberglass… great job goes out to Mario for this work of art!

Seal than Insulate, seal than insulate, insulate after you seal, etc.

I think if you have looked at a lot of our photos, you are starting to see the theme of air sealing and insulation 🙂

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