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Photo Album: Long Branch NJ, Fiberglass and Spray Foam Insulation Project

Coastal is at it again! This time we are installing a blend of insulations on this Long Branch NJ insulation project. Spray Foam insulation on the roof deck and the walls. Than a layer of fiberglass over the spray foam on the walls. This method within the industry is known as “flash and batt”.

Long Branch NJ Spray Foam and Fiberglass Batt Insulation Project

Coastal insulation installs spray foam, fiberglass, and preforms “flash and batt” method on the walls of this brand new home. Flash and batt is when you install a certain level of spray foam insulation (typically closed cell), than install fiberglass batts over top of the newly installed spray foam. This adds the best of both worlds! The protection and durability of spray foam insulation, and added R-Value from the fiberglass (along with a lower cost). As you can see from this home, there is a lot of area to cover! We can help you or your contractor figure out a budget minded project, our account managers are the best in the game!

Scaffolding, with spray foamed ceiling photo bombing!

Through the second story window you can see the spray foam insulation photo bombing the photo! The added protection and R-Value from the spray foam will help this wonderful home be efficient as can be for years to come!!

Three car garage in Long Branch NJ, the ceiling/floor space in between them needs protection!

Separating your garage space from your living space is very important. In this case (new construction) we had the luxury of being able to install spray foam insulation (seals and is a superior insulator), in retrofit cases we either dense pack, or remove the drywall to seal and insulate. Either way, if you just have fiberglass batts in your garage ceiling, there is a good chance they either fell from the floor (creating a gap and not insulating), the area is not sealed from the living space, and unhealthy vapors are traveling from your garage to the living space!!!! We have many methods of fixing this either in new construction or existing construction.. all you have to do is contact us!

There goes that Coastal truck again…

When you see this logo, know that there is a quality job being done.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulated Walls

Superior, vapor barrier, highest R-Value on the market, last as long as the structure it’s sprayed on. What more can we say?

Flash and Batt

Spray foam first, add fiberglass batts second. The result is superior, compared to the “rest”.

Have great angles?

The best way to insulate these type of angles is spray foam. Honestly anything else will not stand the test of time and Newton’s law… gravity and time can pull and shrink other materials… not spray foam insulation!!!

Cathedral Ceilings with Less Space

By using spray foam insulation, you have higher R-Value per inch, allowing you to have a better protection and sealing!!

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