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Photo Album: Historic Rocky Hill NJ spray foam insulation project

History and spray foam? Sure they go together very well. If a home has stood for 125 years, and you add spray foam to it, it will last efficiently for another 125 years!? Spray foam will last for the life of the structure it is installed on!!! 

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Project

Open cell spray foam is the cool spray foam insulation you see on TV shows. It expands once installed. This is a great insulator, and air barrier!!! Air seal as you insulate!!

Attic gables wall and roof deck now insulated as an unvented system

Spray foam is the only insulation material (besides board insulation) that you can install directly to your roof deck. We can make an unvented assembly or a hybrid vented/unvented system!

Another gable wall insulated and sealed with spray foam insulation

This attic will be cozy and warm on cold winter nights!

Ever wonder what the foam looks like under the sheetrock?

Look no further here is an example of what open cell spray foam looks like under drywall!

Another example of how you walls look like inside!

You can see how well the spray foam covers the space. This is just a great example of what things look on the inside of a spray foamed wall!

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