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Photo Album: New Egypt Spray Foam Project

Details, details, and than some more details. We pay attention to the details, in this album a picture is worth a 1,000 words. We protect your home while we spray foam! Fortify your home today with spray foam insulation! 

Garage attic(s) attached to a bedroom and you want storage??

Bring it into the thermal boundary! This is to make a conditioned space! The rooms attached to the garage will be much more comfortable as a result!!

This is not protecting your home!

Bugs, extreme temperatures, pollen, rodents, you name it… this is just plywood protecting you and your biggest investment… your family and home! Spray that foam and protect your home!

Basic air sealing…

Soon to covered in closed cell spray foam! Spray foam is the upgrade your home deserves!

A Cave Of Foam!

This will be used as a storage space, so we will spray the proper paint protection overtop of this foam!

Abstract spray foam insulation art..

When fortifying your home and protecting your family always use spray foam as your best upgrade!

We protect as we install

It may just be an attic floor… but it is your floor. We want to look the same as when we came in as we go out! Will Two guys and a Rusty truck offer you the same protections?

Coastal cares about your belongings

We have heard it all out there… it is just an attic.. I can’t see it from my house… This is for now thinking.. we have been around since 1975 for a reason.. we care, we want to be the best in the industry, and we plan to be the biggest.

Garage Doors protected by Poly Sheething

The floor is protected as well! Look to the next photo to see what you are paying for when you use us!

Everything is covered in spray foam insulation, glad coastal used protection when installing it!

So are we! You get what you pay for! If it seems to be to good to be true? Usually it isn’t true! Preparing our jobs is a big part of profit structure, when we leave your project or home, we want you tell everyone you know, that you had the BEST experience!

They aren’t just pipes!

They are your pipes! We protect what you own! Than we cover what we were paid to do in spray foam!

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