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Photo Album: Blown fiberglass project in Skillman NJ

A quick before and after of blown fiberglass insulation! What is not in this album is how the guys air sealed the attic flat to disconnect it from this home’s living space. We removed the old taineted fiberglass batts, and started off fresh!! 

After removal of old insulation

It is not easy removing old insulation, some situations work out better than others. Most the time it is just labor intensive. But this attic now looks brand new!

Many upgrades happened after insulation was removed!

Once the other contractors installed their materials it was time to air seal and insulate!!

R-49 blown fiberglass insulation installed in Skillman NJ

We installed baffles, air sealed, installed an Energy Guardian Door Cover Kit, and R-49 blown fiberglass insulation

To get it even like this, takes experience and pride!

It is always easier to get it even without any other insulation underneath. But we can level it out even with or without other materials underneath… that is what experience is all about!