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Photo Album: Flash and Batt Project in Titusville NJ

Flash and batt is a method that gives you best while keeping to a tight budget! This hibryd offers  the protection and durablity of spray foam insulation and the affordablity and budget of fiberglass insulation!    We install the spray foam insulation and then add a layer of fiberglass batt insulation over top of the spray foam insulation! 

Best of both worlds!

The protection of spray foam insulation along with the budget of fiberglass insulation!

Band Joist (the top area) Sealed in Spray Foam Insulation!

Walls are flashed with spray foam insulation covered by fiberglass batts. The top is sealed and insulated with spray foam insulation. This area is called the band joist.

Drop soffit sealed up!

This drop soffit is sealed and insulated better than any other material can offer. Is it bad to seal this area? yes most of the time, but in this home we ran spray foam insulation across the entire attic roof deck, making it an unvented assembly!

Cathedral ceiling ready for drywall

This cathedral ceiling will not be a weak point like it is most houses. This one is fortified and protected by spray foam insulation!

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