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Photo Album: Swedesboro, NJ Air Sealing and Insulation Project

It is true, the NJ Home Performance with Energy Star program will provide a rebate for qualified work! We do insulation, our primary concern (besides health and safety) is installing air sealing and insulation!! We won’t try to upsell you HVAC equipment when you do not need it… need insulation? Call a contractor who only does insulation!  We are the biggest in the region, and we are growing everyday. Our quality and commitment to our clients is bar none! 

Air sealed top plates

Sometimes we go on and on, but most of our clients are not totally savvy to our jargon. This is a top plate. A top plate is the 2×4 at the top of your walls. The other 2×4 studs are in between this and a floor or bottom plate. Your wood “in most homes” shrinks over time as it dries out. Once this shrinking occurs, there is a gap between the sheetrock (wall or drywall). This gap creates a chimney effect. Your conditioned air in the heating seasons rips up the wall and out of your living space! Driven air lessens your effective R-Value of your insulation. This will occur in the summer months as well!!

Air sealing bath fan

This is a big leakage area in your home! Air sealing is vital to your attic.

This is a light fixture junction box

Another large leakage area in your home. We air seal each leakage point in your attic flat before insulating.

Blown insulation R-49

The more the merrier! We like a big thick warm blanket on a cold night… insulation is that blanket for your living space. Why run that heater (New or Old) off and on, keep the heated air in your home instead of letting it leak out into your attic space!!

Blown fiberglass installed in Swedesboro NJ

We love insulating Swedesboro!