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Dense Packing Garage Ceilings to Add Comfort to the Rooms above the Garage!!

Here is a sample of what Dense Packing a garage ceiling can achieve for your home. At the end of this video, you will watch the homeowners testimonial. We do the process slightly different, but all contractors and foreman have different methods, that achieve the same result!

In most homes, the garage is an unconditioned, unheated space. For that reason, the rooms above it need to be properly insulated and air sealed. In other words, the rooms need to be completely isolated from the garage. In this particular case, the floor above the garage was formerly insulated with fiberglass batts. Fiberglass bat is a poor choice for insulating this type of cavity because it only works when it is fluff, dry and evenly spread, filling the cavity completely. Yet, as it happened in this case and most of the time, installers leave huge gaps above, below and around the bats which allow the air to flow through.

According to laws of physics, heat tends to move from warm to cold. In this home, the rooms above the garage were constantly losing heat from all the gaps in the insulation blanket. To solve this problem,in this video the Dr. Energy Saver team dense-packed cellulose insulation between the garage ceiling and floor. We accessed the bays through holes drilled on the external walls and injected dense-packing cellulose in the cavities with especially powerful equipment.

Dense-packed cellulose has a much higher R-Value than fiberglass insulation and if properly applied, it also stops the airflow. This homeowner was able to feel the difference almost immediately. The two rooms above the garage weren’t just warmer and more comfortable—they were quieter too. The cellulose muffled the sounds of the busy street he lives in.