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Coastal Insulation Insulates Spring Lake Heights NJ

 We are known for foam, but we do more fiberglass than any other contractor in NJ! Contact Coastal Insulation for all your insulation contractor needs! 

Cellulose Attic Insulation in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

This home in Point Pleasant Beach was experiencing uneven temperatures throughout the home. We decided to evaluate the attic and discovered old, worn fiberglass insulation.  Insulation without a high R-value is almost like not having insulation at all! Air leaks through the cracks in the attic, and so does money.
We recommended our Tru-Soft cellulose insulation. We cleaned out the debris in the attic and got to work. Luckily cellulose insulation can be blown in on top of the already existing insulation, it has a high R-value, and fills in all of the gaps of the attic nicely. 
Now these homeowners are spending less on their energy bills!

Spray Foam Insulation in West New York, NJ

 Things happen throughout a building’s lifetime. Construction, new wires, upgrades of all sorts. This building has gone through a major reconstruction effort. It is begining to look very swank!! The old foam held up pretty good as well. 
Coastal Insulation was on site, making repairs and adding spray foam to areas it was not before!!!

Monmouth County, NJ Before and After

Before and after pictures of an air seal and insulation project in Monmouth NJ

Marlboro NJ Air Sealing Project

Before insulating or reinsulating, make sure to air seal your attic flat, attached garage, and band/rim joist (top of basement wall area).

Walls Between Town Homes Still Need Insulation!

Why would you want to heat or cool your neighbor’s home? We provide many different options for insulation and all applications as well. 

Fiberglass Insulation on a Common Wall in Jackson, NJ

Common walls between two homes in town homes, need air sealing and insulation. Do not heat your neighbors home!

Newly Built Home Insulated in Jackson, NJ

This beautiful, newly built home stands in Jackson, NJ. After the structures were properly built and the ductwork was finished, Coastal Insulation was called in to insulate the walls and ceilings in the home. 
We insulated the walls with the proper insulation to keep the cold out and the warmth inside during the winter, and the hot air outside during the summer. Keeping your home insulated with good materials – such as our Tru-Soft Cellulose or our rigid foam insulation – will help you save on your energy bills in the future, and keep your family comfortable.
Call us today!

Before and After Air Sealing in Englishtown NJ

Air sealing is important! Always air seal before insulating, here is a sample in our before and after.

Lakehurst before and after air sealing and blown in insulation project

We like to say it often… air seal before you insulate your attic space. Do not forget to add an Energy Guardian Door cover kit to insulate and air seal your attic access area! 

Before and After Photos of Air Sealing in Spotswood NJ

Air sealing is an unsung hero in our fight against global warming and energy usage reduction in your home! Most the time you cannot see it, and if you can find an area we air sealed, you still do not get to see the full scope of the job! Here is a great before and after everyone can relate to.

Fiberglass Batts Installed in New Monroe, NJ Home

This home in Monroe, NJ home was recently built. It was bare without any walls yet – mostly just the frame! However, before this family can get to painting walls and decorating their new home, they need insulation. A home without properly installed insulation is bound to have just as many issues as a home without insulation at all. They decided to call Coastal Insulation to do the job, and do it right!
When it comes to insulating your home, you want to make sure you pick the right insulation for your needs. Some people choose Spray Foam insulation and some Rigid insulation. It is good to assess what is best for your home depending on your location and personal preferences. This homeowner was pleased with their choice and happy to move forward in building their home!

Insulation in New Monroe, NJ Home

This newly constructed home was in need of insulation. The contractors decided to call Coastal Insulation to do the job!
Not only do we install batts, but our professional field workers also “prep” the job by air sealing all penetrations. Now this new house is insulated and ready for a new family!

East Brunswick Before and After Insulation!!

Air seal before insulating, if you have gone through many of our albums, you will see we preach this topic often. You can find this is backed up by the DOE, EPA, RESNET, and BPI. We not only offer this, we encourage it! 

North Brunswick NJ Air Sealing and Insulation

As always we will tell you air seal before you blow in your insulation in the attic space of your home! This saves money, disconnects your attic space from your living space.. and that adds to comfort and makes your home much more cozy! 

Roosevelt NJ Air Sealing Before and After Photos

Air seal, air seal, and do some air sealing in your home. We are professionals, have us do the hard part! We can test your home by doing blower door testing. We will know how leaky it was coming in and how tight it is leaving! This is a great example of leakage areas and how to seal them in your attic! 

Air sealing project New Egypt NJ project

Always air seal beofre you insulate your home… who wants their attic connected to their bedroom? NOT US!

Manchester Township loves blown in insulation before and after!!

When Manchester Township insulates they love to use us as their primary insulation contractor of choice! Look around and you should see our job signs on your neighbors lawn! 

Before and after air sealing Cookstown NJ

Always air seal before you insulate. This will help keep your home healthy and tight. 

Hamilton NJ Before and After Air Sealing

Air sealing is important to your insulation. Without it your insulation will not preform as advertised.

Before and After Cranbury Air Sealing

Sealing your attic from your living space is the perfect way to prevent dust, insects, and pollutants from entering your living space. As a bonus air sealing your attic will also save you over 5% annually on your utility bills (or MORE!!)

Monmouth Junction Before and After Photograph

Before and after pictures of blown insulation.

Before and after air sealing in Kingston NJ

Air sealing is a must! Do not insulate without air sealing!! If a contractor tells you it is not needed run! This helps save you money, adds to your comfort, and keeps bugs away!!

Residential Insulation in Hillsborough, NJ

Air seal and blow in, in Lawrence Township NJ

Install baffle vents is step one in insulation process
Air sealing is step two in insulation process
Insulation is step three in the insulation process
Install Energy Guardian door cover to attic access in the insulation process

Air Sealing & Insulation in Williamstown, NJ

Before you insulate your home, it is important to air seal the leaks prior to blowing in the insulation. This Williamstown, NJ homeowner had can lights wired through their attic. Can lights are one of the biggest culprits when locating air leaks in the attic. Conditioned air in the summer, or warmed air in the winter, can leave the room below the attic through these openings near the lights. Not only is the homeowner losing conditioned air, but they are also losing money on their energy bill. 
We sealed these spaces in the attic prior to insulating for the most effective results. The customer has been extremely pleased with the insulation so far! Hopefully, once winter comes, they will notice a huge difference in their energy bill compared to last year! 

Attic Air Sealing in Erial, NJ

What is air sealing? Really it is very basic. We disconnect your attic from your living space. By disconnecting the two spaces, we stop conditioned air from escaping and unconditioned air from infiltrating! Along with bugs, rodents, and pollutants! 
Want to know something else about air sealing and insulation? We can give you a BIG rebate from the state. Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

Coastal Spray Foam another one in Quakertown PA!!

This newly built Quakertown, PA home needed insulation. The homeowner gave us a call and after assessing the property and what would work best, we recommended spray foam insulation. 
Our spray foam specialists carefully spray our best materials along the walls to seal any cracks or gaps in the frame. It also has a high R-value, which is the thickness of the insulation. It keeps the temperature in your home comfortable!